Time for my MRI…Really?

SO the normal sounds of the mail truck, and exciting part of a summer day here.  The girl’s head out to the mail box to collect the treasure inside.  Todays treasure though caught me a bit off guard. A letter from the hospital:

It is time to schedule your breast imaging appointment with Cooper Health Systems.  Blah blah check with your insurance blah blah call your doc for referral blah blah.

BUT wait….I just had those cancer threats removed.

So, billions of dollars have been spent to computerize patient records.  I know that last June when I had the biopsy, and the last MRI, the hospital was undergoing its transition.  Everything is computerized. So how could it be possible that I should receive a letter telling me to have a scan on a body part that no longer exists in its previous state?

What is the point of the billions of dollars if office A can not even communicate with office B and building 3?  It is not really that big a deal..I will just toss the letter in the trash but I guess I just do not understand what the billions paid for which frustrates me as I begin paying my medical bills.

Speaking of the medical bills, the next annoyance is the phone call I received the other day.  On Tuesday 7/31 I wrote a check to cover the first set of doctor bills.  It was cashed, I check the bank on-line. The  bill covered  several doctors and was just under $700.  SInce I have another surgery scheduled, I did not want to delay paying and have any issues.  So how annoyed was I to receive a call on Tuesday 8/7 telling me I had a balance of $20.64 and when did I expect to be paying that.  My not so polite voice came out very quickly and explained that I pay any and all bills that are actually mailed to my house such as the one for $692 and change the week before and was sure that I was not trying to scam them for the 20 bucks!  I realize that I again was talking to someone who probably had all of an hour training and was just supposed to call those with a balance but REALLY?

Maybe my lack of sleeping is making me a little edgy.  Maybe it is the upcoming surgery or the soreness left from the last.  I hate the lack of common sense that seems to run wild these days!