Work ethic or lack there of…

I have such a headache!  The insurance company has denied coverage for the colonoscopy.  Funny how no one is ever in a rush to address anything as long as the bills are not going to them.  Although it would seem that the insurance company is the evil being here, reality looks more as if it is the hospital and how they coded the procedure.  Now it has been escalated to a supervisor blah blah blah as I sit waiting for thousands of dollars in bills. No biggie though, I mean it is not their money.

Today I also spent close to two hours on and off the phone with our cable/internet/phone company. It is a long story but one that proves that allowing companies to get so huge leads to shitty service for all.  My time today is second to the almost two and a half hours spent on Tuesday, broken up only by the times in which I was disconnected or transferred.

My recent hours on phone hold have left me with an overwhelming feeling that there is absolutely no work ethic left in this country.

I just feel down.  I have healed nicely from the latest surgery but I am not “discomfort” free.  I can not call it pain because it is not but soreness, discomfort does describe it.  I am tired of it if I am being honest.  I feel like I have not had a “discomfort free day” since before the mastectomy. Six months are a long time and starts to wear on you.  Alone I can deal with it.  Add in apathetic or plan pathetic service from outside forces and  the wear and tear I feel just escalates.

Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a better one.


Doctors, and Dentists and blood work oh my!

As I was recovering from my surgery and the bills were coming in, I wrote a post that we all needed to get to the doctors since we had reached our out-of-pocket maximums.  Last night I was “refocused” by my daughters pediatrician to get back on track on this goal.  Years ago, I was  on meds for high triglycerides, another trait passed on from my mother.  When Frank and I decided to have another child I went off of the medication.  I also have made dietary and lifestyle changes.

Last year both of my daughters had blood work done and both came back with elevated levels of triglycerides.  I was so upset.  We reduced their fat and carb intake, went to skim milks and low-fat cheeses, and made sure to increase their physical activity.   Last night was Megan’s yearly well visit.  The doctor suggested that we had her checked to see if there has been improvement.  She then asked me if I was currently on medications.  So, here I am so proud of myself for having a Bilateral Prophylactic MAstectomy to hopefully avoid cancer and I had to look this doctor in the eye and admit that I had not even had my levels checked in a few years.  Sounds stupid right?  I am like a stroke risk just wandering through the day.

I took Megan for her blood work this morning and came right home and scheduled myself an appointment for next week.  I will have my blood work completed before the end of the week!

I have an appointment with the Gyn the second week of October, one day after my follow-up with Dr. Liu (my plastic surgeon). I am getting a cavity filled tomorrow.  Madison is scheduled for her yearly well visit in November and Frank had already been.

So back on track.  I am tired of doctors offices!

5 am

I am to arrive at Cooper Hospital by 5am Monday..boy that is early!  I am pleasantly surprised so far at the entire process.  Today I received a call from anesthesia to run through some history as well as the do’s and don’t before surgery.  Very friendly woman who showed sincere concern.  Later I spoke with scheduling who was also very friendly and organized.  I have to say that this has been the norm with everyone I have dealt with from both the hospital and insurance company.  I hope it stays that way!

I need to do some work in the veggie garden.  Need to stake some things up, do some weeding. We harvested the most awesome tomato today.  It is the biggest one we have ever grown! Can’t wait to slice into it!



So the clock keep spinning forward.  Tomorrow after the girls karate belt graduation, I have a hair appointment.  Need to look my best before I can accept looking my worst :-).

I am grateful that the wait is almost over!