So with the surgery, we have reached our out-of-pocket maximum on our health insurance.  Because of this I have become a crazy person about everyone getting to any doctor needed before the end of the year.  Anything that we had been putting off, not in a rush to take care of needs to be dealt with this year!  I made an appointment for Megan’s yearly for late September and Madison will be November.  I need to call both my primary for a physical (which I have not done in 3-4 years so I guess it is time) as well as the OB/GYN.  I was actually due to go there in June but with the Mastectomy in July I just could not get myself to go there. With all appointments covered at it the time!  Blood work, physical etc.  We have put out enough cash, need to try to squeeze as much out of it a we can.

I really can’t wait for the nipple reconstruction and revision to be completed.  Now that I am back to mostly normal activity I have been wearing a sport bra when I go out.  Uncomfortable does not even cover the feeling wearing a bra.  I walk into the house and make it as far as the kitchen and have it half way off.  Very classy but who cares!

Tick tick..almost there!




2 thoughts on “Insurance”

  1. Sounds like you are right on your game… get everyone everywhere while it’s already been paid for. I would be doing the same. But here’s a thought- rest just a litltle before the next surgery!

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