Merry Christmas

The girls are snuggled in their beds but far from asleep.  Visions of Santa dance in their little heads.  They have been tracking him online since early this morning.  Excited does not even cover the emotion they are feeling.

I am sitting enjoying one of my own Christmas traditions, the annual watching of It’s a Wonderful Life. As I sit  I hear the piter patter of little feet heading from a bedroom to the bathroom, a journey that has been repeated several times this evening.  I had set a timer on the televisions which should have gone off by now.  Hopefully sleep will be coming soon.

The innocence and amazement in my children’s eyes is a wonderful thing.  When is it that we lose it?  What a better world this would be if we could figure out how to share some of that wonder and innocence with many of the adults of the world.

For now it is my job to keep that wonder in my girls eyes as long as possible, and I am ready!  Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all have a blessed day with the ones that you love!