3weeks post op, the internet and Johnny Cash


I am actually a little sore from my walk yesterday.  Amazing.  It is getting really hot again.  I made the girls get dressed early so we could get a little walk in again today.  Not nearly as long as yesterday but something.  Then I sat while they played on their bikes and scooters for a little while.  Good for them to get out.  It sure was hot though!  Wonder if a little elliptical would be allowed?  That would be great is I fell off I would have to lay there until Frank got home from work.  I am thinking that since stairs are not the most comfortable thing for me I should probably not attempt the elliptical.

SO Random subject change but I love the internet.  I could really become one of those people who never leaves the house.  I have been doing my shopping via the internet since before it was cool.  Now that it has grown so, you can buy just about everything and for the most part even cheaper than you can find it in the store.  Over the last 2 days I have ordered Megan’s birthday present, some clothes for both girls, new cordless phones and some dry goods i.e. cereal, tuna etc. I also ordered most of the school supply list for Megan since I am not sure when I will be allowed to drive.  If I could only find someone who could get milk and items like that to me fresh I may never leave the house.  After watching the news this weekend about those poor people who just wanted to see the Batman movie, why would you ever want to go out?

What is great about the internet is your ability to compare prices and see reviews from real people.  My first rule is I never order from anyone who charges shipping!  Most sites offer free ship over $25 or even a flat rate of like $5 no matter amount spent.  Anything over that is a NO.  You can also search for a web code for many sites that you can add-on top of that.  Staples is awesome because if you have their card you can recycle ink carts for $2 per up to 20 a month and gain rewards which you can redeem on-line.  Megan’s entire box of school supplies cost us like $20. And they bring it right to my door Gotta love internet shopping.

Alright, enough of my internet market campaign.

So I know that several of the blogs I have seen post pics of the actual healing process.  I am not comfortable with that…hell if I were to post the before I think people may actually run in fear.  Due to the weeping I have had over the last few days I have gone with the Johnny Cash look then I do not need to worry about the girls getting concerned.  Thankfully, the weeping does seem to have stopped for now.  Fingers crossed that it stays that way.  This is a shot from 2 days ago.  Not exactly off the cover of vogue but progress! This was the best I could do in the way of comparison because of course I never take pictures of myself.