Megan brought her report card home the other day and we could not be more proud.  Straight A’s, principals list.  This was the first real report card with A,B,C grades instead of developing etc.  Last night she took her report card to Karate class.  The Sensei’s like to make the connection for the kids of disciple on the mind, body soul.  They made a big production for the kids who had good reports and awarded them “awesome grade” strips for their belts.  For the kids who made honor roll they went a step further and gave honor roll medals.21716_306981012739989_1840641645_n

Now Megan and Madison are in the same Karate class and only a few months work separate their belt ranks.  Frank had taken them to karate last night and he thought everything was fine.  By the time they all walked into the house Megan came running through the door to tell me about her medal, she was so excited.  As she proudly stood showing it off, I looked over her shoulder and watched Madison melt into bawling tears. Although her young 6-year-old self was not able to express what was really bothering her, I knew.

I grew up the baby of the family, with the smart older sister who was outgoing and the older brother who everyone loved.  Then there was me, the introvert who struggled early on in school.  Many times I felt like Madison but did not show it because no one really cared.  But seeing my baby just collapse under the weight of her sisters success was almost too much for me.  I grabbed her and pulled her onto my lap and just hugged her until she calmed down.When she was finally calm enough to talk, I told her about my family and how she was just getting started and would make amazing things happen herself.  Our school district does not even do a report card for the first marking period in Kindergarten.  Then until 3rd grade we do the beginning, developing, secure and mastered.  We can discuss my thoughts on this at a later time :-).

It was not long before she remembered how much she loved her sister and they were off playing.  Today Frank worked from home in the morning and did not have appointments until late.  Just a few minutes before her bus was to drop Madi off, Frank had the great idea for the three of us to go out to lunch, something we had never done before.  She came storming off the bus like normal and I told her the plan…my baby beamed!

Sometimes the little things like grilled cheese at the diner can make anyone feel special!