First off welcome to the updated site!  With the surgeries behind us I thought it was a good time to freshen things up.

So five days ago I headed into surgery with no real expectations as to what would come next.  I was so excited that the “pointy parts” would be back and that the “air bags” would be gone that I never really thought to inquire about recovery time. In my head I think I figured that the worst was over and if I made it through the DIEP surgery and prophylactic Mastectomy, this would be a cake walk.

Well I was sadly mistaken.  I clearly underestimated the pain.  I have had to step back and allow my body to do what it needs to do.  I sit with ice packs on both sides which really does feel good.  I guess in a few weeks I will be saying remember when….I hope so anyway!

On the Disney front, today is highlighted by reservations at Hollywood Studios.  We will have  lunch at 50’s Prime time Cafe.  We went there before and had a great time.  Fun place and good food.  Dinner is something new for us.  We are doing the Fantasmic Dininng package with dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby.