Spring in January

The calendar says January but the temperature says May.  Yesterday in the middle of the winter we took the girls to the park and enjoyed what felt like the beginning of spring. Wearing only sweatshirts, Megan and I took a nice walk along the paths while Madison and Frank shot some baskets at the basketball court.  We met them at the courts and played a bit.  All week is supposed to be in the high 50’s or so.

537910_4140777558262_1691785278_nI am not a big follower of the global warming crowd but after no measurable snow last winter and so far none this winter, something does seem off.  (just printing that probably guarantees a blizzard)

The irony here is the fact that Frank is going away for a business meeting this week.  When the location was determined to be San Diego months ago, all on the East coast were thrilled since it would be mid January and typically cold and miserable.  Yesterday he received an e-mail warning them that CA is experiencing record cold and that many events are scheduled out doors and can not be changed.  He was instructed to bring a coat.  I know it is not nice but there is something inside of me that smiled just a little with that news. 🙂