School day blues

I spent the day in Madison’s Kindergarten class today.  I only have one more left before the end of the year.  That thought made me very sad.  Adding to my “blues” was the permission slip to go on the elementary bus trip which I was presented with yesterday.

Our district is rather large.  Our Kindergarten is half day split sessions in its own building.  They then split up into 6 elementary school followed by 3 middle school and finally a high school that is over 1/4 of a mile long.  Moving from one phase of school to another can be a bit overwhelming for the kids.  Our district does a nice job in making that transition as easy as possible.  Heading into Kindergarten, Madison and I took a bus trip and tour of the school.  Now, heading to elementary school the kids will all go to school in two weeks and then board busses for the elementary they will attend next year.  They will tour the school, meet some teachers and have snack in the cafeteria.

Madison is so excited, I am excited for her, proud of her and so sad all at the same time.  With Megan heading into fourth grade, and Madi  to first, it is more clear than ever that my babies are growing up.  I think about my miscarriage and about the mastectomy, I envisioned us with a third little Bailey but that was not to be.

I have two beautiful, smart wonderful girls and I know that I am blessed!  My blues will pass but tonight I am allowed to mope a bit. Tomorrow is another day.