The winter that will not end

Before I begin to whine, I will start off by recognizing that we had very little snow over the last two winters. I also fully understand that the last winter was on the milder side. As this winter started I hoped for some snowfall. I joined in with my children doing the “snow day” dance hoping for the day off from school admittedly more than once.

ImageThe first snow day was a welcomed friend that we had not seen in a few years. The second was also embraced. The third was seen as the friend who had one too many drinks at the party. The fourth, well that one was far beyond one too many drinks and was viewed as a drunken fool. This past Monday was the fifth snow emergency closing of the year. If I were to stick to my “friend at the party” comparison, this friend was the one who stuck his face in the punch bowl, took off all of his clothes and passed out in the bushes.

Image 1We have seen temperatures in the single digits termed the polar plunge, early dismissals from school as well as delayed openings due to ice. It is only the beginning of February and according to that crazy groundhog we will have 6 more weeks of winter. I like where we live. I enjoy the experience of all four seasons. These extremes that we endure, the extremes in the heart of the summer during the 90+ degree heat waves. The humidity that you could cut through with a knife.  Or the winters such as this one that are filled with depressing grey sky, freezing temperatures and snow covered earth.   These extremes make me fully appreciate those wonderful breezy early fall evenings still light enough to walk in the park.  Or the early summer days when the pool is just open, the laughter from the kids and friends mixed with the sounds of splashing water.  Most of all I love the beginning of spring as the trees begin to wake from the harsh winter months and sprout those first splashes of green.  The blue skies and sun rays that makes everything feel new and alive.

After the last several weeks I long for the beginning of Spring and promise the first person who complains about the heat of the Summer will be smacked. 🙂

Don’t look behind the shower curtain

With the many hours spent playing minecraft in this house, I started to wonder if maybe the game was becoming real.  Had the Zombies and giant spiders taken up residence in my girls bathroom?  I went in and checked this morning.  Outside of a sink covered in toothpaste and a wash cloth left in the shower, things looked normal.  With this being the case I was left wondering, why do the children so hate to shower?  And by shower I mean bath in general.

They come up with every reason as to why they are unable to bath, “Mom, we went swimming so we are clean” or “but we are going to karate and are just going to get sweaty anyway”.

Is this just some strange occurrence happening in my house or is the country full of stinky kids running free?  I guess we are doing our part in water conservation.

The more things change……

As a child during the summer we had not scheduled plans.  No camp, no arranged sporting activities and no focus on much of anything educational.  My mother was a single parent and would head off to work early leaving us much to our own devices for the day.  We each had chores that we were responsible for but outside of those we would play.   How wonderful right?  The ability to freely run the neighborhood playing carefree.  Be home in time for dinner.  We played at this house and that, we ran through the open field and the woods and would take the trail to the baseball field.  None of these areas were anywhere in sight of my house nor did anyone ever think about the need to have constant sight on us.  It was the same for most kids that we knew.

Sadly, the times have changed.  It is just not safe to run so free.  Pull up a map of registered sex offenders in your area and wonder how you could ever let your kids out of there locked bedrooms let alone the house.

Someday’s I would prefer to just hold them tight and pretend the world does not exist.  Of course that would not be healthy for anyone.  Instead I am trying to raise my girls to be strong and healthy physically and mentally. Our summer has been full.  Soccer, basketball and karate camps to keep the girls sharp physically.  Library visits to keep little minds wondering and questioning.  We went today and picked up a new round of books.  Megan grabbed the 3rd in the Sister’s Grimm series along with three others.  My first-born is plowing through 2-3 books a week, my mother would have been so proud!  I have not completed 2-3 books in the last 20 years.  I just love to watch her as she reads, as if I can actually see her mind processing what it is taking in, just amazing! Today we also took time to work on some math lessons, for Madi time telling and money and for Meg geometry.

I remember when my mother would make comments about how things had changed from when she was a young girl.  We usually tuned her out or chuckled at some of the stories.  Now I am the one saying it to my children and the laughs come from the loves of my life.  Someday they will stand in my shoes, I can only imagine what things will look like then!