Seriously…enough with the clutter!

Why is it that with any upcoming election there also has to come with it the none stop visual pollution of crappy lawn signs.  I am not talking about the 1 or 2 a homeowner choses to place on their own property.  I mean the hundreds even thousands that seem to be placed every ten feet throughout town. My favorites tend to be the ones in front of closed businesses.  The big question, is anyone actually swayed by the 10, 20..…50 little signs stacked literally on top of each other on every corner?  Does my mind change each time I see the sign for the next candidate?

I love driving along and seeing the same sign every 20 feet down and entire road.  To not be out done the competitors team has placed signs also  in between.  Stopped at a red light, I stare at each corner just cluttered with signs from every race.  What I do not understand is the multiples from each candidate with in a very small area.  SO, is the thinking that is politician “A” has more signs I will vote for said person?

Thankfully election day is tomorrow.  I think there should be a law, if any sign remains for more than a day after the election that candidate should be fined heavily for each sign!  By the way, don’t forget to vote!

Blogs, boobs and the future

I have been communicating via this blog for roughly 5 months or so.  I started as an outlet for my feeling surrounding my upcoming Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy.  I found great comfort in the support of others who were in similar situations.  I hope I also provided some for others.

I continue to recover but for the most part the roughest parts are behind me.  I have completed the nipple reconstruction and revision and have been cleared for regular activity.  Although still sore, each day gets easier and more normal.  Today was a day of laundry and food shopping, can’t get much more normal than that! 🙂 I will see the doctor again in 6 weeks and may need 1 more small procedure but nothing to the scale of what I have been through the last few months.

SO, now what?  I enjoy the outlet the blog provides.  I named it Decisions for my Family but initially had a header of Boobs don’t make the Woman. A few weeks ago the blog went through a face lift and I dropped the “boobs” title.  I will continue to write the blog about things that affect the most important thing to me, my family.

This summer’s surgeries have changed me as a person and will be a constant foundation for many of my decisions.  In my situation, a reminder of how important actually making a tough decision is as well as  the impact of such decisions on everyone around me.

I have not fully decided what the future of the blog looks like and may not fully define the parameters.  Quite honestly there are no parameters it is truly a wide open topic.  From the upcoming election which I feel is the most important in my lifetime, to continued updates on the boobs.  There will of course be many words describing the most beautiful things in my life, my girls, my husband, my family. The future is thankfully, wide open!