Reality Hits

My surgery will be performed at Cooper Hospital.  All of my appointments to date have been at local cooper facilities not in the hospital.  My biopsies were done at the surgical center in Voorhees as were the scans and several appointments.  I have visited this center many time over the years and feel that I know it pretty well.  It is amazing how different things look once the thought of Cancer hits the mix.  The appointment was made to meet Dr. Generosa Grana, Hematology and Medical Oncology.  Since I did not have a cancer diagnosis, I had roughly a 20 minute pre-screen over the phone. The practice was very busy and only saw very high risk or actual cancer patients.  I was then told to make sure to bring a book and be ready to sit for possibly several hours.  If I had children make sure I had someone to stay with them.  She explained that the scheduled appointment time was just a guide and that this office was different from other I had visited.

I readied for my appointment and headed for the center.  Walked in and looked for the office..suite M, had never noticed it before.  It was upstairs…I had also never realized there was an upstairs.  Approaching the office it to the door is a quilt with  the pink ribbon. Maybe this is when is really hit me..things were different now.  I walked in to the office and for a second lost my breath.  Everyone in this room was fighting.  I was the lucky one..I did not have cancer!  Instead I have been provided a glimpse into the future, one that I may be able to change.  A sudden sense of empowerment hit….brave, strong lucky, whatever. Call it what you will but to me it is the realization that I have some control, I have the ability to change my future! Not many people get that and I do not plan on wasting it!

3 thoughts on “Reality Hits”

  1. I had the same feeling of empowerment leading up to, and after my PBM in March 2012. i have been healing very well. While I do not have BRCA, I have PTEN, another gene that greatly increases the breast cancer risk. We got mine off just in time. All the best to you!

    1. Thank you! When the results first came back and I made my decision I felt very alone. This blog opened my eyes to the reality that I am far from alone. I wish you and your daughter all the best!

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