Random thoughts

Sluggish today…it is grey and chilly out after a few days of sunny 80 degree weather. Hard to get going.  Sitting and listening to Megan practice piano before we go to the bus stop.  Beauty and the Beast right now.  She plays so beautifully!  She always wanted to play.  I can remember a tiny Megan about 3 years old asking if she could play piano.  My answer then was sure while wondering where she would come up with something like that.  By age 4 , it continued so we bought an electronic keyboard for her birthday.  She would sit and hit the keys pretending to perform for us.  At 5, she was able to finally get lessons.  We rented a piano after 6 months then purchased it at 1 year.  She played in her first recital last June at 6 years old playing Mozart.  This year she will be playing Fur Elise by Beethoven.  She is just so beautiful in all of her 7-year-old glory playing like someone much more experienced.  Of course a you tube video will be posted just like last year!

I am so tired.  Was up late looking into the different character meals at Disney World.  I also added some links to the sidebar of the page.  The first is the breast cancer risk assessment tool.  It is very easy and quick to answer but extremely important.  The other is from the breast cancer site and claims to offer free mammograms for a simple click.  The advertisers pay the cost.  I figure it is worth the click if indeed it could help someone who otherwise may not be able to have the screening.  Early detection saves lives..period! The last addition is a link that shows the proper way to perform a breast self exam.  This is how I have always found my lumps.  No one knows your girls better than you!

Take control of your own health!

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