Why not plan a vacation

What do you do when everything thing around you is chaotic? Why plan a vacation of course!  Disney World here we come February 2013!  Something nice to look forward to and plan for. Going to stay in the resort at Animal Kingdom.  The kids will be able to overlook the Savannah before going to bed and as soon as they wake up.  How cool is that!  Hell you only live once right….this is what credit cards are for!

This is all perfect timing.  A good distraction for me now and an even better one for the girls after the surgery.  I do think things could be rough for at least the month of July and probably early August.  But the end of August will be the 6 month out mark when you can start to book all the character events.  The perfect thing that we may need by then to help us all start to turn the page from the mastectomy.

Disney really is a magical place.  We took the girls last year and were ready to go back as soon as we got home.  I was so thrilled to see the joy in my daughters faces the first time we sat for the daily parade, especially Megan.  She was so excited…we all still sing the song, “Celebrate a dream come true…”.  I never understood those folks who went every year until we finally went.

How perfect!  Even when they see mommy at her worst, I will be able to keep their heads filled with the memories of our last years Disney Trip while filling them with the excitement of the one to come.  Thanks Frank!

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