New Family

I am so glad that I started this blog.  Since I was given my “options” (Meeting with the cancer specialist) I have met many strong women.  I am following a woman who was in a very similar situation as myself and is now more than a month out of surgery and doing great!  I am also following women who are fighting cancer, my heart and prayers go out to all of them!  When I was given the options, I was in an office with two doctors and my husband yet I felt like I was alone in a tunnel.  Reading the stories of these wonderful women is helpful to me as I prepare for my own surgery.

Although I am 100% fully at peace with my decision to have the mastectomy, I still feel like some people look at me like I am crazy.  Why cut into a perfectly healthy body?  One thing the blog has made me realize is that I am now part of  a new “family” of sorts.  Like a real family, you do not ask nor do you have a choice to be a part of it one day you are just there.  It is a family of women who are either fighting or are so high risk are doing everything they can to avoid breast cancer.  This family has no racial or religious bias.  It does not look at background or political leanings.

Thank you to all of my new friends for your strength and sharing your stories.

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