In another post I said I was trying to stay busy but today I have nothing but movies with the girls on the agenda and totally look forward to it! All week we have been running here and there.    Softball games and karate for both of the girls, piano lesson with Megan followed by soccer practice to get ready for travel team try-outs. It was so sunny yesterday sitting out there,  my face is so sunburned!  Why am I always so careful to lotion the kids but never myself?  Not good!

I have noticed that my patience for certain things is growing short.  Stuff that maybe used to annoy me a little now infuriates me.  I have never been one who has enjoyed much drama but now it seems so much worse. I totally do not want to be near it!  The girls bickering sounds like nails on a blackboard to me.  It is like my head is so full I can’t take anymore in.  I find myself just zoning out sometimes not hearing anything around me.  I feel like everyone/thing is pulling on me and I just want to scream ENOUGH!  What about me?

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