I have been wandering around trying to pass time until the surgery (I actually counted 67 days ugh!) For the last few days I have allowed “victim” thoughts to crowd my head.  This is not like me..I have never been a victim nor will I ever be!  I am not sick. I decided that the more I allow myself to get bogged down in my own thoughts, the more down I feel.

So time to snap out of it..or at least do some things to try.  Instead of thoughts of mastectomy, surgery and recovery I think it is time to take a look at what is right in front of me and be grateful!

Sometimes it just needs to be on a billboard!

Today I am grateful for :

  • Both of my girls having a great day at school
  • Being on the field to see my baby play in her second softball game…and being there to kiss her boo-boo when she fell down
  • The extra hugs before bed from both
  • Hearing “I love you mommy”!

May not seem like much but to me the world!  I guess sometimes it is good to remind yourself…all in all good day!

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