Bright sun and blue sky

It is a beautiful day today!  I am definitely one of those people who’s mood is affected by weather.  Yesterday we were at the park for the opening day parade and it was cold!  Very overcast and cloudy but thankfully the rain held off til late.

A good time was had by all at the park but of course it just would not be a family event without someone getting sick.  Madison woke up with all signs of sinus/ear infection.  SHe was so excited about the parade I had to let her go and march but as soon as the actual parade was over we separated from Frank and Meg and went to the doctor.

So I recently find myself wondering if I am supposed to tell everyone that I am about to have surgery.  As I stand at the bus stop in the morning with neighbors and we chit-chat about this and that.  Am I supposed to drop in there a hey by the way I am having a mastectomy?  Or just disappear one day for a little bit?  Possible to get through without some people even noticing or do the after explanation.  I almost want to make up business cards with the blog address and just say read this because I prefer not to talk about it. I do not mind blogging about it at all but when you discuss it with people they get that look…it just gets exhausting.

Today I am thankful for Madison feeling better and bright shinning sun!  Looking forward to a great day with my family.

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