Baby it’s cold outside!

Geeze…this winter we had less than 4 total inches of snow.  A few weeks ago I had to turn the air conditioner on in April and tonight sitting at Madi’s softball game I wish I had worn my winter coat!  Crazy!

Just got the girls to bed and now catching up on my DVR’ed Real Housewives of New Jersey…I can’t help it I just love these shows.  What better way to escape reality than to watch such a train wreck.  You can’t watch real TV unless you want to be bombarded by political ads.  Facebook is loaded with everyones political opinions (which I admit I do to often myself).  Politics plus the thoughts of surgery are enough to drive anyone crazy right?

I feel like there is something I should be doing to prepare …but what do you do to prepare for Mastectomy? I don’t really have a clue.  I guess the only thing I can really be doing right now is some exercise.  Sounds easy but I am having a terrible time.  Just can not get motivated for more than a few days. Wish I had a personal trainer who would come knock my door down and force me to move!  Guess tomorrow is another day!

2 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside!”

    1. The housewives look good next week LOL! I woke up and put on sweatpants instead of jeans to drop Madi off at school…that is a step int he right direction. I need all the motivation I can get!

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