Not feeling as “up” at the moment.  The drains are really…really driving me crazy and I think my left boob is under my arm so between that and the drain still under there not too sure what to do with my damn arm.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow fingers are crossed that at least some of the blasted drains come out.

Frank has the kids at karate..kind of happy to be alone for an hour.  Just sitting here with my laptop and Madison’s Hello Kitty blanket on my lap.

One bright note of the day was some wonderful food dropped off by another beautiful friend.  Thank you Ryan the chicken was yummy!

Tomorrow will be a better day :-)!

4 thoughts on “Cranky”

  1. “Feeling good” is fleeting, at best, right about now. I had a hard time with one side, too. Try propping the bothersome arm up with a pillow (I used a small lumbar pillow from our couch). You can also roll up or stack a couple of towels under your elbow and forearm to create space. My heart goes out to you!

    1. I can tell that once the drains are gone things will be much better..a good part of my discomfort comes directly from them. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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