Yipieeeee for the most part

Today I had a followup appointment with the plastic surgeon and for the most part it was a great appointment.  Got 3 of 4 drains out and all of the sutures.  I am much more comfortable but annoyed at the same time.  My surgeon is going on vacation so the other drain has to wait a full week before it can come out due to scheduling. My husband has already taken two weeks off from work, I can’t drive so it is tough when they give you a choice of 2 appointments only. I guess these are the little things that I am not supposed to allow to affect me.

I am doing great physically…doctor says I am healing beautifully.  I am more comfortable since the doctors appointment.  Yet, my emotions are all over the place which is not at all like me!  I talked to the doc today about it…I think it is 2 parts anxiety over what I can not do and the burden I am to everyone (at least in my own mind) and  2 parts lack of sleep.  Anyone who has ever been in a hospital knows you do NOT sleep at all while there.  But I am home now and expected that by now I would be sleeping..yet I am not.  The doctor gave me a little something today so I have high hopes for a restful evening tonight!

4 thoughts on “Yipieeeee for the most part”

  1. 3 out of 4 is a good start! Hopefully the drugs do the trick. Take them while you have help. Not a surprise that you are healing well, and I don’t even know you. Your positive attitude radiated through. Good for you!

  2. Sure hope you can sleep. I remember after my craniotomy I couldn’t sleep for anything! I was in tears. It was awful. My doc didn’t give me things then so I had to power through.

    The no sleep thing is one of the many things I’m fearing about my next surgery. Keep healing well!

  3. I am happy to report that I almost made it through the entire night last night! It took a some assistance but I will take it! Definitely helps make the day go better!

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