The worst thing about just sitting around with nothing but time are the thoughts that just continue to swirl through my head.  I have mentioned my mother several times in this blog. Although I loved her very much, I have tried to be a very different mother to my children than she was to us. She was a single parent from the time that I was a baby. I know it was not easy for her.

Growing up I don’t really ever remember hearing  the words “I love you”.  I know that she loved me  and I loved her.  But it is nice to hear the words right?  I remember when Megan was born.  I was so thrilled.  See I was a career girl and was never going to have children, that is until I had Megan and resigned from my career :-).  I could not have loved her anymore.  I just loved to hold her, hug her and kiss her.  I used to just sit and kiss her head…even told her tiny little body that there would be a million kisses up there by the time she was one. I also made her a promise that a day would not pass when I would not tell her how much I loved her!  The same held true when Madison was born and as they have both gotten a little older I encourage them to talk to us and ask questions.  This is often very interesting as other also find.  Out of the blue whatever is on Madison’s mind comes out…sometimes a little awkward but the only way to learn.

By no means am I a push over quit the countrary I am actually very strict. But  I do not want my girls to be afraid of anything and I do not want them to ever feel that they missed out!

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