Just another day

One week after Superstorm Sandy, we are in the midst of another (much smaller) nor’easter.  For my area it brings an early snow.  The roads are still too warm for it to lay but it is enough to cause stupidity.  I was driving to my radiology appointment earlier and was the third car in line at a red light.  All three of us were waiting to turn left.  The light changed, the first car started through the intersection just to be broadsided by some young girl who either was not looking, on a phone, a terrible driver or caught up in the “sky is falling” early snow syndrome that hits so many in my area the first few times the white stuff shows itself.

So once I was able to continue on my way, I made it to my much-anticipated pelvic ultrasound.  I quickly downed my 32 ozs of water int he parking lot and headed in. The tech was a very nice young woman who was very chatty.  I guess many woman come in nervous.  After years of biopsies, two child births, a miscarriage and the mastectomy this was just a few minutes of inconvenient time for me.  I was pleased that the appointment was timely and really pretty quick.  Can’t ask for much more than that I suppose!

I did think of how funny it would be if my husband or any man for that matter were to have to switch places with me (or any woman) undergoing these procedures.  Don’t get me wrong, Frank has been wonderful with me during this entire process, but I could not imagine what he would be like if we had to switch places.  I mean the common cold is earth shattering.

Tomorrow I start my Prep for Friday’s colonoscopy . Today my instructions were to stay away from fruits and veggies, nothing was said about the girls bowl of halloween candy :-)!  I find it somewhat amusing the it is called Moviprep.  On a quick glance you may think that some great film may start playing as you mix up the fine concoction.  At closer glance it stirs images of other types of moving.

I think in my mind I will hang onto the first!

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