Woke the girls this cloudy, damp morning and started the normal preparation for school routine.  I hugged them both as they got out of bed.  Breakfast eaten, teeth brushed lunch packed, school bags readied.


I hugged them both in the kitchen. We looked for Ernie our shelf Elf, he left a note last night.  The girls loved it.  I hugged them.


We walked Megan to the bus stop, I hugged her as she got on the bus.  I stood with the other Mom’s..starring at the bus, I waved goodbye.


A few minutes later stood at the bus stop with Madison.  I hugged her tightly. The bus arrived, I kissed her head as she stepped on, I stood and watched her get into her seat then waved.

I came in side feeling empty.  Pulled up FB to pictures of babies from CT.  Closed the computer.  Turned on the TV to a press conference from CT.  I grabbed the remote and flipped on Netflix.  Now watching “Weeds”..somehow seems appropriate.

There is nothing normal about today.

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