If I think positive maybe I could strike it rich

think_positiveTomorrow I expect to receive a call with the results of my ultrasound.  I of course am hoping to hear that all is good and I can finally move forward from this 2 year-long medical black cloud.  I will think positive thoughts and hope for the best!

Thursday is another big day.  I am back in Madison’s classroom to help out with journal writing.  The first time in the class was before Christmas and it was eye-opening.  The goal is to get them to write a 2-3 word sentence using their “kid writing”.  Write the word the way they hear it.  Well let’s just say it was something.  A few who just looked at me wanting me to spell it for them or the others who thought it was cool that Madi’s mommy was there so they were totally distracted.  The attention span on some is really short lol.  Madison loves that I am coming again and that is all that matters!  I will be in there every other week until the end of the year I believe.  I hope this week goes a bit better!

bamazon2_480x250SO I am sitting here watching the History channel and the show Bamazon where some construction workers from Alabama have headed into the Amazon jungle to search for gold.  There are several of these shows on now and all are basically the same premise.  A group of people who are already financially drained head into an extreme area, jungle, Bearing Sea, Alaska, and attempt to strike it rich.  People (I) watch because you pull for them hoping that someone will hit it big but of course are not surprised when not only do they not hit it big but more often end up in even deeper debt that they started out with.   money_cant_buy_happiness_button-p145065082887098881en8go_400

My kids laugh at me for watching these shows, more because I believe they find them boring.  I guess It is just holding on to some kind of hope that anyone who tries hard enough can strike it rich.  I mean, we all know the saying money can’t buy happiness but is can sure pay the bills and that makes me pretty happy!



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