I suddenly feel very old

Dinner conversation with the girls when their father is not around is never boring.  When he is at the table things tend to be a bit more subdued but tonight he had a conference call and was in his office.   Before we sat down to dinner, Madison and I downloaded a few read along books to her iPad.  While at dinner I asked her if she had listened to them and if they were good.  She looked me in the eye and began to explain that yes, the book about the Hamsters was very good.  There was a boy and a girl hamster who grew up together, and over time fell in love got married and began to fight crime together.

Somewhat stunned, I finished chewing my chicken.  In my head I thought that I should really do a better job and reviewing things before downloading them for my 6-year-old.  The pictures seemed very cute and gave no clue of the crime fighting career.  As I finished a small drink of my water I looked at Madison, who herself was now chewing and asked simply “Really?” At this simple question both of my children laughed at me.  Madison once again looked me in the eye and said, “of course not Mom, I have not even looked at that one yet.”

Megan, as if seizing an opportunity to pounce on me while I was off-balance, proceeds to tell me that all of the kids in her class will have boyfriends/girlfriends by sixth grade. I turned my head slighty to my 8-year-old and asked why she would say such a thing.  She proceeds to explain to me that there were already 3 “relationships” in her class although one was “rocky”.  No no no!

My answer to both was simple, get dressed we are going to Karate!

I suddenly feel very old!

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