Here comes the sun

Twas the night before, (the night before), the Bailey’s left for Disney and all through the house, the girls were very hyper, thinking of Mickey Mouse. The bags were all packed, (well mostly), and final shopping was done, visions of princesses paraded by in little dreams one by one.Walt Disney World Gallery Photo

Well something like that anyway.  The weather in Philly has me a little concerned about our flight Saturday morning.  A storm is moving in with rain and snow.  The temperature in the low 30’s. I hope we are long gone before it hits.  Fingers crossed that we are not delayed, at least not for long!  It is expected to be mid-80’s in Orlando…yummy! Sun sun sun!

The kids are very cute today, there is an extra energy in both of them.  An extra bounce in their step. We are so close….We will be there soon Mickey!

October 2011, pre surgery, seems like a lifetime ago
October 2011, pre surgery, seems like a lifetime ago

2 thoughts on “Here comes the sun”

  1. Hoping you have the best trip ever to the happiest place on earth. Wishing I could sneak in your bags and come along (I’m just a little jealous!). I can’t wait to get back to Disney. I love Disney and like you said just watching how happy your kids are and seeing the joy and excitement in them makes it all worth it. Have a great trip!!! Hope to see ya soon…….maybe at the soccer fields this spring.

    1. :-)! We just got our soccer schedule today. I am sure we will see you around! No softball for us this year.

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