My Life

Recently I have been debating what the next chapter of my life will hold.  My little one will be in first grade full-time starting in September.  I have had people ask if I was going to get a real job.  It had started to bring me down a bit.

I love standing at the bus stop waving to the girls as they head off to school. I love having the opportunity to give a hug and kiss as they step onto the bus.  I look forward to the stories as soon as they get off the bus after a busy day of learning.  I am the one to sit with my girls while they do homework and I am the one to answer the questions that arise from that homework.

We of course could be better off financially if I went back to work,  that is assuming I could even find a job.   I love my life, my husband and my girls.  I am sick and tired of feeling like I need to apologize for wanting to take care of my family.  I do the laundry, I clean our home.  I am the taxi service for karate, CCD and soccer.  I handle all medical and dental appointments. I ensure that my ever-growing girls have clothes that fit and food on the table.

I want to be present. I remember track meets with my friends parents wishing I could see my mother rooting for me.  I remember wishing just once.

My job keeps me pretty busy, and I love every minute of it! I will apologize to no one for wanting to continue to do it.

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