Skip to the Lou, ouch!

White-daisy-blue-sky-bright-colors-20523941-1280-1024Yesterday morning started like many others in our house, wake the girl, get them ready for school and out the door to the bus stop.  With the nice weather and bright blue sky the kids were all hyper running around until he bus arrived.  As the bus pulls up the kids grab their bags, get the morning hugs and kiss and off they go.

Madison and I began to walk back to our house when she looks at me and says ever so innocently, “let’s skip”.  What a fun idea, the sky was blue, air warm and my beautiful baby wants to skip home.

Kind of how I felt straining a calf muscle skipping.
Kind of how I felt straining a calf muscle skipping.

I made it the length of about a house when a pain shot through my left calf.  I let out a small “ouch” and stopped.  It was then that my six-year-old looked at me with those caring, loving eyes and laughed.

Nasty kid! 🙂

In my head I can visualize myself doing many things.  And then reality sets in.  Getting old is a real B…….., well let’s just say I am not enjoying it very much!

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