Wax, Patience and a do over

The weather has been unstable to say the least over the last week or so.  Yesterday it stormed off and on all day rainy very heavy at points.  We went to the movies to see Monsters University.  It was good.  The kids loved it and Frank and I were both pleasantly entertained.

Today it was rainy from the time I woke up.  I knew we would need to find something to fill the day so the girls and I did something different.  Before the girls were born I played around making candles.  There has been a bin of supplies stashed away on a shelf in the garage for the better part of 9 years.  Early this morning I pulled it down and we did a quick inventory.  Then we headed to the craft store for a few needed things.  The girls were so excited.

Strawberry and Ocean Mist
Strawberry and Ocean Mist

Once we got home a marathon of wax melting began.  We made both jar candles and pillar.  We started with the jar candles and things went very smoothly.  The girls each chose a color and scent and both turned out wonderfully.  The morning was going so well we decided to push our luck and go for the pillar candles.  For those who had never tried candle making these take much more work and patience.

Things started well, wax melted, molds set up with wicks and ready. The girls were so in the groove we made three.  After sitting for several hours we decided to try to remove them.  Now, this is where that patience thing comes in handy, something that is just not a strong suit for me or the girls.  They

Lavender and Cranberry
Lavender and Cranberry

would have been better off if we had let them sit over night.  Two came out with little to no effort but one does have some cracking running through it.  Gives it a little character I guess.  The third, well that is a totally different story.  We will not have a lovely round Vanilla candle since after multiple attempts at removing it I just pulled the wick clean out.  A very frustrating turn of events. Tomorrow we will chisel out the wax melt it back down and try again.  Next time I guess we will not skip the step recommending mold release spray :-).  It was still a very nice day spent with my girls.

2 thoughts on “Wax, Patience and a do over”

  1. I like your candles. They turned out great. I like the scents and the colors are beautiful. My sister and I made them during summer vacation too. We used the old milk cartons and crushed ice.

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