The difference 3 minutes can make

My girls are off from school for a few days this week.  I let them stay up a little later than they normally would on a school night.    Last night they were watching a movie in Megan’s room so I let them stay up until it was over.  As Criminal Minds, which I was watching, ended I called for them to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.  The sigh that came from the room was almost deafening.  As I asked what was wrong they explained that they were being super quiet in an attempt to stay up until 10pm, which is very late for them.  I looked at the clock it was 9:57.  Amazing how three minutes can ruin an entire day.

Then there is this morning. I realized what and important span of time three minutes could be.  It only took about that long for my mood to turn once I remembered that I could not have a cup of coffee. No solid foods, no tasty M&M’s from the halloween bowl! The thoughts of only water and ginger ale today is very depressing.

I will spend the day doing some cleaning and just staying busy. Going to be a long day!


So back to the topic at hand.  This is a busy “just in case” week for me.  Tomorrow I will drop my script off at the pharmacy for the colonoscopy prep.  I was given an option to take pills instead of the drink but it was some crazy number that sounded just as obnoxious to get down as the drink would be so I opted for the liquid.

Tuesday the girls both have dentist appointments, get them in before the end of the year.

Wednesday will be “fun day with a radiologists” and the pelvic ultrasound.  I had one of these after Madison was born.  I had terrible unexplained pains.  We never did get a great explanation for the pains.  Was told that I had something they described as Gallbladder Sludge..gross.  Diet changes and thankfully I have never felt pains like that again.

Thursday is “prep day”.  Or maybe better thought of as “don’t wander far from the bathroom day”.

Friday of course is the colonoscopy itself, a day to look forward to if you have a very strange idea of fun.

Saturday we will be celebrating my babies sixth birthday.  So between now and then I need to get the house cleaned up.  It is not in terrible shape but it is not in “company” shape.  I actually cleaned out a few closets donating some things to storm victims of Sandy.  A few winter coats in great shape just grown out of, comforter, some clothes and  hygiene products.

So many small business in my area are acting as drop off spots, makes you feel that maybe there are still good people in the world.

By the end of the week I feel I will have been sufficiently poked, prodded and probed.