Pre-op Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Bionic Boobies!

We can rebuild them, we have the technology, better than they were before, ( at least smaller!)

I think there are some people looking at me as if I have lost my mind. Others think that I am secretly hiding some big depression. I can tell you that I  am not depressed at all, a little stressed sure.  As for losing my mind, well I guess I will leave that one up for debate.  I have a few choices:

  • crawl into a corner and cry
  •  do nothing
  •  face this obstacle with the full understanding of how lucky I am to be able to make a proactive decision and move forward.

So since the choice is so clear we just might as well keep the mood as light as possible when we can.

I have been putting thought lately not into the removal of but instead the boobie possibilities being opened up to me.  I am a large (like really big) busted lady.  I have thought about a reduction through the years. This is not exactly what I had in mind but we will make the most of it.  I see the Plastic Surgeon this week.  I would like to drop several sizes.

At least back pain reduction is something positive to look forward to!