Welcome to the modern age!

I started this blog when Frank bought me the MacBook that I have fallen in love with and use daily!  I had never been a fan of Apple, that is until I broke down and bought an iPhone.  Even after the phone purchase, I was very resistant to leave my comfort level with Windows  until the frustration level with viruses boiled over.  We had spyware and antivirus programs on every computer yet we killed several in a rather short period of time, the blue screen of death.

So with my love of my laptop and the last of our PC’s crashing last week, the trip to the apple store was inevitable.  The newest addition to the house is the iMac which I set up in the family room so I can keep and eye on what the girls are searching.  We had a Netflix account where we received the DVD as one was sent back.  Now we are streaming…I feel so high tech! My husband and I were like little kids playing with the TV watching you tube videos, the kids looked at us like we old.  It is amazing, I watch my 5-year-old and she can work any gadget you put in front of her.   I did not even touch a computer until a keyboarding class in high school.  In college we all sat in the computer lab fighting over the one crappy dot matrix printer and now we sit streaming personal videos on TV…cool and scary at the same time!

Anyway, busy week of doctors appointments this week.  The long awaited follow-up with the plastic surgeon is first followed by the dreaded yearly at the GYN.  I am still trying to connect with my doc about the blood work I had done last week.  Message was that my cholesterol was high, not unexpected.

Still trying to finish up any and all procedures needed before the end of the year.  The window is closing, Guess time flies when you’re having fun….

Doctors, and Dentists and blood work oh my!

As I was recovering from my surgery and the bills were coming in, I wrote a post that we all needed to get to the doctors since we had reached our out-of-pocket maximums.  Last night I was “refocused” by my daughters pediatrician to get back on track on this goal.  Years ago, I was  on meds for high triglycerides, another trait passed on from my mother.  When Frank and I decided to have another child I went off of the medication.  I also have made dietary and lifestyle changes.

Last year both of my daughters had blood work done and both came back with elevated levels of triglycerides.  I was so upset.  We reduced their fat and carb intake, went to skim milks and low-fat cheeses, and made sure to increase their physical activity.   Last night was Megan’s yearly well visit.  The doctor suggested that we had her checked to see if there has been improvement.  She then asked me if I was currently on medications.  So, here I am so proud of myself for having a Bilateral Prophylactic MAstectomy to hopefully avoid cancer and I had to look this doctor in the eye and admit that I had not even had my levels checked in a few years.  Sounds stupid right?  I am like a stroke risk just wandering through the day.

I took Megan for her blood work this morning and came right home and scheduled myself an appointment for next week.  I will have my blood work completed before the end of the week!

I have an appointment with the Gyn the second week of October, one day after my follow-up with Dr. Liu (my plastic surgeon). I am getting a cavity filled tomorrow.  Madison is scheduled for her yearly well visit in November and Frank had already been.

So back on track.  I am tired of doctors offices!

11 days post Newpples, 64 days post BPM

64 days wow!  In the months leading up to the mastectomy, there were points where I never thought the actual surgery day would come.  Now I look back and am amazed, it seems like forever ago.  So how am I feeling?

My abdomen has healed nicely.  I have a small lump which is probably scare tissue in the front which I will point out to the doctor tomorrow.  It is still tight in the area but it is a good tight.  I need to keep it that way!  The Surgeon has mentioned that I can have a scar revision done, I will have to think about that possibility.

The boobs are coming along.  I still have one ugly bruise on the left side that causes some minor pain. The incisions are healing. I have my first follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon tomorrow.  The newpples are different sizes, one of which way too big.  When I spoke with his nurse last weeks she said not to worry.  They have to be big to allow for shrinking and anything that does not shrink can be taken care of in the office easily.  I still think one is higher than the other  but not as bad as it was since some of the swelling has gone down.  I guess it will just take more time to determine what the final appearance will be.

I have not been allowed to stand and take a “full” shower since the nipple reconstruction.  They did not want the steri strips around the newpples to get wet.  It has been a bit of a pain, washing in the shower with the hand-held then washing my hair in the kitchen sink.  I remember when I was a kid my mother would freak out if you even brushed your hair in the kitchen.  Good thing she is not around to see this!

Big day tomorrow.  After the doctor Madison and I will head to the Kindergarten for meet the teacher.  I am happy that the district does this.  Allows the kids to not only meet the teacher, but see where the classroom is and in which building.  Our Kindergarten is separated from any of the other schools and has 3 buildings.  They are color codes.   Tomorrow Madi will get a lanyard to wear on Thursday that will match a colored set of foot prints that shows which building to go to.  This visit helps to relieve some of the first day stress.

She is so excited Thursday is the big day!