Unsettled today

I do not know why but I feel very unsettled today.  No good reason, I mean it is Friday weather is nice and my girls have belt graduation tonight where they move up to yellow belt in Karate.  All in all not a bad day.  I can not seem to get motivated and found myself surfing the net and found some cool poems.

My Daughter

© Victoria Levesque
My Daughter means the world to me!
So much out there for her to see!
I’d like to take her in my arms,
and show her the world and all it’s charms.
As she grows a little day by day,
God lights the path, to guide her on her way.
As she blooms out like a precious flower,
She will always know God’s wonderful power.

Check out the link for poems on everything:
Source: Mother’s Poem To My Daughter http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/my-daughter-means-the-world-to-me#ixzz1rvtNvd2B

I think back to when I was younger..swore I would never have kids!  I was a career girl all the way.  Funny what 20 years will do to you.  Here instead I sit with such extreme love for my girls and my husband.  Not to get political, but the other day a commentator took a shot at Ann Romney saying she had never held a job a day in her life since she had been a stay at home mom of 5 boys.  I take great offense to that!  I did the work thing..and did it well I must say.  Made very good money and was promoted many times.  Once I had Megan I could think of nothing that would fill my heart more that staying home with her!  My mother was a single parent and I did not have that growing up.  I am able to provide it and guess what..IT IS WORK!  With the recession it has not always been financially  easy but it has always been fully worth it.  Sad that our society sees the stay at home mother as something less.  Even people very close to me have made derogatory comments to the fact of when will I go back to work or when will I get a real job.

We often get busy and forget to say it…you never know what tomorrow brings!  Don’t forget to say it today!  I love my family!

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