I guess it is official!  Received the letter from the Insurance company yesterday that all aspects of the surgery have been approved!  Strange seeing it in writing.  “Approved: Breast Reconstruction with Free Flap.”   It makes total financial  sense that they would want to approve this now.  If I had decided not to do this think about the cost.  Increased monitoring via mammogram and MRI,  increased doctor visits, the probable cancer diagnosis followed by the surgery and chemo/radiation.  They should send me a check for all of the money I am saving them!

I have been thinking about what I will look like after the surgery lately.  I am having the Tram flap procedure so in essence I will be having a bit of a tummy tuck.  There will also be a reduced top section once completed.  I had been thinking for a while about a breast reduction….never thought it would be like this! Will I recognize the person in the mirror? I have been trying to get back into the exercise routine.  I realize that this process is going to be a marathon and the better shape I am in will result in a better recovery.

We took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and got the veggie garden planted.  The garden should be in full production and auto pilot by the time I am out of commission.  I want to do my best to have everything finished by then…make life as easy as possible for my husband and the girls.  How crazy is it that in the days leading up to the surgery, I will probably be cleaning the entire house and doing extra loads of wash.  It is almost like, although I am sure they will be fine without me, I need them to need me!

3 thoughts on “Approved”

  1. Christine,
    You are a wonderful, beautiful Moyer and I have been so touched through reading your blog. You know that we are just around the corner if you all need ANYTHING!!! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Your bravery and love for your family is inspiring!!! We love you guys!!!

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