Just another day

So I saw a news story today that made my stomach turn.  A woman has been arrested and charged with fraud, theft and some other charges.  It seems she told her friends and co-workers  that she has breast cancer and needed a mastectomy.  She worried about how she would pay for the surgery so they all helped out raising thousands of dollars.  One problem…she did not have cancer but instead just wanted a breast implants.  REALLY?  I so want to believe in the best in people but call it what it is…People are twisted!

Anyway….home from softball and flipped on the TV to find Pretty in Pink.  Loved this movie back when.  I feel so old when I realize it is 26 years old!  Still a classic.

Finalizing the plans for Megan’s Communion. We are having it out at a Reception hall because Frank and I are known for catastrophic events happening when we have a party.  We have had a hurricane, spikes for a tent run through our sprinkler system flooding the yard and just all around foul weather.   I got a call from the caterer yesterday asking for a head count already.  Still more than 2 weeks away.  I was not expecting that, put Wednesday as an RSVP date on the invites. I was able to put them off until next week.  Opps. Looking forward to it..should be a good time!  I love the part about just write a check and show up!

We have arrived inside of the 60 day point until the surgery.  Still too far out for an actual countdown but a milestone none the less.  In a few weeks it all starts back up, blood work and pre surgical appointments. Until then just continue to take it day by day!

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