If it is tiny and does not hurt anyone..is it really a lie?

So my little one was quietly playing in the basement when she suddenly came upstairs looking for scissors.  Something was going on in the basement.  I gave her the little scissors (her father was down there also) and continued about my business of making dinner.

A few minutes later I had to head down stairs also to talk to the hubby.  She was upstairs in the bathroom….luckily..because there sat my husband with the tiny scissors cutting out well something I could not immediately identify.  I discussed whatever it was I had gone down to discuss when he told me I was not supposed to be there and should leave quickly before Madison returned. I then realized what he was cutting..the letter “O” and next to him sat 2 “M’s”.  Mothers day..yikes! My mind started to spin , she would be very upset if I was caught spoiling her surprise for me but I could not get back upstairs without passing her. I stepped out of the office and back a few feet as if I had been looking at something on the wall.

She came back down and with great concern in her voice asked “MOMMY! did you see what is going on in there?” NOW…since they have been alive I have tried to tell them it is not right to lie, there is nothing we can not talk about and work through.  If you lie you could hurt someone’s feelings etc.   So I had to do what was right…I turned looked at her and said, “in where? No I was looking at this, why is there something I should see in there?” She ran over and closed the door and said no, just helping daddy.

So nice to see those life lessons setting in with everyone!

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