Pre-K chairs are really tiny!

Great morning this morning! Today was THE day! The day Madison would nap at school! We packed up her sheet, a blanket, pillow pet and Minnie mouse to snuggle with.  She would have packed her entire bed if it was possible!  Off we went to drop her at school.  Then back home, bus stop with Meg followed by a short (but good) workout.  After a quick breakfast back to school for the Mother’s day Tea with Madi.

The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves.  Funny how something that seems so small means so much!

After the tea I was off to finally get my hair done.  I started to color my hair when I was 30 out of pure need!  If I were to let it grow out I get a bit of a reverse Jay Leno grey strip in the front.  Grey everywhere of course but the front is just crazy. Because of the communion I pushed my appointment a few weeks and boy was I a mess!  I meant to make an appointment for the end of June before I left but forgot…mental note to call!  I figure I want to get my touch up before going into the hospital for the prophylactic mastectomy.  Figure I can at least not look so old while I feel bad :-).

When I picked Madison up it turns out that she did not sleep but did lay quietly like a good girl.  She still enjoyed herself.  We went home an watched the new Barbie Barbie!

I am trying to really enjoy my time with my family.  Don’t want to take anything for granted.  Things that should be part of everyday life anyway..hugs for no reason, staying calm evening when the second grader tell you she was caught rolling her eyes at her teacher..yikes!  A simple “I love you” as often as possible.

We finished the day with a girls night out at Friendly’s for dinner and Ice Cream.  My grateful list today includes my entire day…It was a great one!

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