Party planning not a future career move!

I hate planning parties.  Who do you invite? Did you get everyone?  Who does not talk to this or that one. Version 4 of the seating chart to begin shortly. Supposed to be a celebration for my daughter for Making her First Holy communion instead becomes a series of tracking down RSVPs and drama.  Add to it my non practicing religious side  and it makes for a somewhat stressful few weeks leading to the event.

Then we have the prophylactic Mastectomy.  I am one of  two dozen plus cousins on my mother’s side where  she was the oldest of 9 children.  Add the husband’s family and some friends, you can end up with a cast of thousands some of which know all about the surgery and have from the beginning other who did not have a clue.  Now I am challenged with trying to get everyone on the same page prior to 5/19 so that the topic of conversation at every table is not my boobs! In the end, I just hope it is a good time for all.  Open bar and DJ for the kids..what else do you need right?  Should be a good time!

I have a mother’s day tea at Madison’s school Wednesday.  She is so excited.  Funny how something so minor in my mind can mean so much to a 5-year-old.  I also had a hair appointment for the same time (to have my natural color put back into my hair :-))but had to move that a few hours. SO I will go to the tea than right to the salon making me very late to pick her up.  Because of that Madison will now take a small nap at the Pre-K.  Now, Madi has not taken a nap for me for months.  I normally pick her up right after lunch. She thinks it is so cool to nap there.  She has already picked out a blanket and special stuffed friend to take with her that day.  Amazing how little minds work!  We will see if she still finds it so fun when I pick her up.

Today’s list:

  • I am grateful for a much-needed chiropractor visit this morning!
  • Megan’s first attempt at playing catcher in her softball game being a success
  • The super hug I get from Madison when I pick her up from school
  • Hearing “I love you mommy” from both as I put them to bed…nothing better than this!

3 thoughts on “Party planning not a future career move!”

  1. Thank you so much! She is excited. Even with all of the sports she is a “girlie” girl and can’t wait to have her hair done that morning and put on her dress.
    My thoughts continue to be with you! I hope you are able to finish your treatments!

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