30 days….

So dinner was excellent!  We went to DelFrisco’s Double Eagle Steak House and the food was fantastic!  It was originally an old bank built in the 30’s.  Very cool with the huge columns.  A very nice night with my husband.

30 days from today tick tock tick tock. This time next month the surgery should be over or close to it and the recovery stage will begin.  Now we just need to get through the 30 days.

I went to the chiropractor the other day, felt much better after I left.  Seems I am holding a bunch of stress LOL…I was not too surprised to hear that.  I made 2 more appointments for this month.

This week I see Dr. Atabek and need to get my pre-op blood work drawn.  Also have Field day at Megan’s school and a dinner with cousins of my husband’s that I have never met.  And of course the normal karate and softball.  Should be an interesting week I guess.

30 days….after all of this agonizing time, where has the time gone?  I am sure these days will both drag and fly at the same time!

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