20 days….

Each passing day brings us one day closer.  I can’t believe we are at the 20 day mark.

So, back when I started this blog I made a statement, about revisiting the brave vs. scared thing.  So, 20 days out am I scared?  Thankfully I still say no.  I may be a bit more nervous since I am more familiar with both the surgery and recovery.  I worry about something going wrong during the Mastectomy.  Maybe when they cut they may find something.  I also worry about the reconstruction.  Will there be a vascular problem?  Infection?  The biggest concern continues to be that of how my girls will handle the fact that I will not come home for several days.   Mommy is a superhero.  How will they handle seeing mommy sidelined for a while?  And lastly…how long is that while? I will say that although I worry about these things, I am in no way consumed with them.  I am really at peace right now about the entire thing.

I plan on talking to the girls over the weekend.  They know something is going on at this point.  Two doctors appointments in 2 weeks and the bruise I still have from the blood work.  Tonight we came home from softball games to a message confirming my appointment on Wednesday with the plastic surgeon.  It announced that it was from the department of surgery.  The call ID on it was a woman’s name…had I known I would never have played it with them there.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Today I am thankful for the end of softball season!

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