Not long now

Less than 2 weeks now.  First I need to start off with a big Happy Birthday to my husband!  I hope you enjoyed your round of golf today!

So the 5-year-old mind continues to swirl for Madison.  We can be doing just about anything when she will blurt out another interesting question such as:

  • “so mommy, if you do not have this surgery would you become one of the bald people?”
  • “mommy, how are they going to make your boobies and belly smaller, squish them down really hard?”

She has also taken the opportunity to tell random people that I will be going into the hospital.  But she does seem to be handling it alright.

We have a list of crafts and things that they wanted to do this summer so we went shopping yesterday to buy many supplies.  We made our first iron on t-shirts last night.  We will attempt tie-dye later this week.  The puppets and puppet stage are in process.  My kitchen looks like a Kindergarten art room gone terribly wrong.

Other than that things are relatively calm 13 days out from surgery.  The insurance company actually called to see if I needed anything today…found that interesting.  We have the guest room cleaned out probably for the first time in years.  My sister-in-law will be staying the night before the surgery so the girls do not have to be pulled from best a 4 am to take me to the hospital.

Not too much longer now!

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