Party to the table

Boy is it HOT!  The news had called for 100 degrees today but  I think we only made it to 97 :-).  By 11am it was 90. People get cranky when it gets this hot…sweaty cranky people everywhere …..oh well what can you do.

Time is moving right along now.  This coming weekend is the last of my “party to the operating table”.  Not nearly as wild as last week!  Saturday starts with Megan’s piano recital where she will play Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”.  I will post a you tube link!  Then my brother and sister-in-law are coming for a BBQ.  The kids love to see their cousins.

Today was all about tie-dye shirts and swimming.  We had some mixed results on the shirts but for the most part not too bad.  I personally am happy that craft is over and am not planning to revisit it anytime in the near future!

I find that I am amazingly calm.  I look at the calendar and am fully aware how close the mastectomy is now but instead of fear, nerves or and other negative feeling I am instead  calm and a bit relieved.  After all of this time it is almost over, finally!  I know there will be pain but I have a pretty high threshold and am sure that the doctors will supply something nice for it.  The mental relief of it being over…will be worth the pain.

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