Just another day

Every year on the fourth of July, the family watches the movie 1776.  Since I will be in the hospital this year today was the 4th for us.  We had burgers and dogs on the grill, fresh corn on the cob from Duffield’s farmers market and watched the movie.  I think it is important to take time to remind ourselves while teaching our children how it all began.  Since we live in New Jersey, it is only a 20 minute ride across the bridge to Philadelphia.  We have taken several trips to visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and recently Betsy Ross’s house.  Funny, growing up I hated history..and it was my worst subject in school.  Now I love it and try to make it fun for the kids.  I find it sad when you see how many can’t even name the Vice President or three branches of government etc.

Anyway, today the girls both moved up a belt in karate.  I am proud or my little butt kickers!

We are about there.  Tomorrow is the last day before the big surgery.  We are going to take the girls to see Brave in the morning.  They seem a bit nervous continually asking how long I will be gone and exactly when I am leaving.  I hate that I can’t answer how long I will be away…somewhere between 4-7 days they say.  I am worried that they are going to have a rough day Monday when I finally don’t come home.  I have tried to be as open with them as possible.  I remain very calm about the surgery but can not stop worrying about the girls. I guess that is what Mom’s do right?

I added a bit of a retro pic of the girls…although they are growing  so fast this is still how I see them. My babies..I love you both so much!

It will be good for all of us for Monday to just get here already!

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