7 hours away

So this will be my last post for a few days.  Frank says he will bring my laptop to the hospital if I want so we will see how that goes.  I should probably be sleeping since I have to be there so early but I feel like I need to stay up and drink another glass of water.  Amazing how thirsty you become when told you can’t have anything after midnight..nothing..nada!  Not even a tic tac.  Just the thought makes my mouth dry :-).

I do need to vent for a second…went to a sports store yesterday and a young boy behind the counter had on like 10 of those stupid rubber bracelets.  Every cause you could think of including a pink one for breast cancer awareness and a “save the boobies” one.  So, with all of the different causes on his young wrist, do I feel that he is a true supporter of these causes or are the bracelets cool?  Especially the save the boobies one..which I hope I do not offend anyone, but I find that one annoying and almost offensive.  I say F— the boobies save a life.  The boobies can be replaced.

Maybe I am a little cranky…still pretty calm though!  7 hours away…

19 thoughts on “7 hours away”

  1. Amen! The boobies can definitely be replaced! Seems odd considering I don’t “know” you, but I have been thinking of you and your family a good deal today. I remember this night (March 4th for me) was almost surreal. I hope you have the same sense of relief I did when you wake up tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I have black thoughts toward all of those “symbols” of cancer awareness, but especially the ones of the pink variety. Who is not aware of cancer today? Anyone? They are great money makers, though how much actually goes into cancer research is anyone’s guess (and I’m guessing not a whole lot)

  3. I am sending positive thoughts your way today, let us know how you are doing, as soon as you are feeling up to it. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kam! It is a slow prices but it is well underway! I appreciate the positive thoughts!

  4. Still in surgery after 9 hours. Decided to take the girls to see BRAVE. Wow, what a message and a movie. We know who our hero , our queen is. Some things work out that way.
    Hopefully all is well in hand…Will try and post after I see her in SICU …thanks all for your love and support.

  5. I’ve been thinking of you all day and checking frequently to see if there have been any updates on your blog. I hope all is going well for you and you feel a sense of relief when you awake. I’ll be recovering right along with you as my surgery is a week from tomorrow, July 10.

    1. There is a sense of relief..a bit of pain but plenty of relief. Good luck to you! Best of thoughts are with you!

    2. I have been thinking about you! I hope all is going well. I know right now it seems dark but it really does get better day by day! Hang in there!


  6. Christine is resting comfortably after a 12 hour procedure. Her complexion, and spirit, unblemished. Says to say Thank you to all of her friends and supporters. What a day , no doubt her strength comes from this outlet.

    1. Thinking of you and the kids and praying for Christine all today. So glad to hear she is resting. I know she is probably so glad that the surgery is finally over. Wishing her a speedy recovery and hoping there is not too much pain. Sending our love and prayers. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

    2. Thank you for the update. Even though your wife is a stranger to me, I had no doubt she woud come through this with strength and grace. Our prayers remain with your family as you begin the much more desireabll (although sometimes a tiny bit rocky) road to recovery.

  7. So glad to hear she is doing well. been thinking about all of you! let me know if u need anything!!

  8. Some pain, dry mouth . They wouldn’t let her drink or eat for 24 hours. There was a thought of failure on the left. Turns out it was more telemetry. Too much technology. They used dopplar and feel more confident. They were actually ready to take her back for more surgery today, if needed. Spiked a small fever tonight, but they are cautiously optimistic.
    Christine is overall amazingly radiant and positive. Her motor is still weary from the meds, but she looks great. I took some pictures, and talked to my daughters about the technology. Later they were up for visiting the ICU. We pulled some strings and the girls were well behaved .
    What a moment when they were able to say hi. Not sure who was more relieved.
    Great care by Cooper. World Class facility.
    Maybe a post by Friday , fingers crossed for discharge of Hospital by Sun or Sat.

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