Hello everyone and thank you for the love and positive thoughts.  Frank brought me the laptop today so I could give a brief update.  They took me off of the pain pump which was a bit of a shock to the system.   For the first time I felt real pain today.   My nurse and were not on the same page but I think we have worked that out.

I moved to an actual floor last night and they did say If I wanted to I could go home.  Based on our little pain mishap this morning I think it shows we were not quiet ready for home. I think that will happen Sunday.

So MOnday was surgery and of course there was no bed available so I spent the night in the PACU which worked out great since I had 1 on 1 attention.  Made it to the ICU Tuesday with the instruction absolutely NO movement!  Woke up Wednesday to the same no movement instruction.  Then around 3 pm I was told we were moving on to the floor.  It has been a big change.  More mobility, I am about to take a walk in the hallway with the girls.  They are so excited.

I think he enjoyed updating the blog!

7 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. I am so glad to hear things are going well. I will be bringing by food sometime tomorrow or should I wait for Sunday? You guys let me know which day is better. Sending love and prayers! 😉

    1. I will be coming home sometime Sunday. The girls are with my brother so waiting may be a good idea. Thank you!!!!

    1. It is amazing how exhausting a few short steps can be but at the same time a small sing of normalcy! Looking forward to heading home tomorrow!

    1. Not going to say I am feeling good but not feeling bad so I will take it! You would be so proud of Madi..she actually came to see me in the ICU and has been wonderful all week. They both have. They miss you!

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