A fuzzy brained recap

SO I am going home tomorrow!  I am heavily drugged but for the most part feel good.  Yesterday was a BAD day.  They took my pain pump away, I had an awful nurse who basically told me to suck it up, and my legs really need a shave!

I guess there is a hierarchy for that list but depending on your mood they are all very annoying.  But today is a new day.  My nurse last night seem to have a clue and my pain was managed well.  One of the plastics residents was in the AM and assured me I would be going home with plenty of meds and pain would not be a problem.  I have had great care here I would recommend my entire team (minus 1-2 nurses along the way) to anyone.  As for the legs…well they are really something.  A few more days maybe I could braid them.  Today Frank brought me some deodorant….ahhhhh!!!!!

I finally got to take a good look at myself.  I am going to have a cute new belly button.  I had not really thought about it but the “tummy tuck” pulled so much they had to make me a new button.  My abdominal incision is beautiful.  Huge..from one side all the way across to the other but it is straight and beautifully done.  The boobs…well they are a real mess right now.  They have these strange sensors on them, massive swelling and big time bruising.  My surgeon said they he knows there is too much extra skin but he left it because he believe he may be able to make my new nipple with it.  If not them when I go for the nips he will remove it.

So that’s whats going on for now.  I want to send a special thank you to some folks……first my husband.  Frank has been excellent with me and the girls.  Next to Aunt Mary who stayed with the girls Sunday night and a few days early in the week.  Aunt Linda and Uncle Ken also jumped in to entertain on the 4th of July where Madison actually sat for fireworks for the first time.  Last but not least are Uncle Chuck and Aunt Michele who are entertaining the girls for a two night sleep over….good luck lol!

2 thoughts on “A fuzzy brained recap”

  1. Enjoy being home. Not sur eif you have one around, but my husband took out the old glider from when my daughter was a baby. It was a comfy spot for quite a few days. All the best!

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