Exhaustion, Televisions and Birthdays

What a day..I am exhausted!  I started the morning deciding to push the limits a little and jumped on our elliptical machine for 12 minutes..followed by 5 minutes on the punching bag. I felt really good afterward! My mobility is amazing just since doing the stretches that I started  Tuesday. Still sore under my arms and in my chest but I can fully move my arms and my arm strength is good.

What I was not expecting was the rest of the day.  My daughter’s birthday is Saturday.  For a few years now both birthday  and Christmas wishes have been the same, a TV in her room.  My answer has always been the same..NO.  I have been so vehemently opposed to the idea that this year she did not even ask…so that is what my husband and I got her.  She is such a great kid (not that I am biased or anything :-)).  She is a straight A student, leaving third grade was reading over a 5th grade level, plays piano and soccer and is just a good kid. Maybe I softened due to how helpful she has been to me but I agreed with my husband she could be responsible with a television in her room.

We decided to make it the biggest surprise possible..totally unexpected so we got it into her room, mounted and connected to the cable today without her having a clue what was happening.  It took several trips up and down the steps, moving of this and shifting of that.  On my feet all day. The kids were busy in the basement playing with no idea what was happening upstairs.  When we were finished they went into the pool with my husband.  I should have taken the time to just sit for a bit but instead gathered and ran the laundry, folded what was in the dryer and cleaned up the kitchen.

When they were finished swimming Frank informs me they all decided that we would go to the Diner for dinner..good with me since I had no intention of cooking.  The girls got changed in the downstairs bathroom while my husband and I settled onto Megan’s bed with the  Television on. I called down that I needed help could they please come up.  Without question they came running…it was great!  Once they found us, she walked in kind of shocked looking at us sitting on her bed not even noticing why then turned her head…the rest is the stereotypical little girl response.  She jumped into the air screaming. I guess she liked it!  I love being able to pull off a good surprise!

Next was dinner and some back to school shopping at the mall.  Since I am heading back to surgery 8/24, for the nipple reconstruction and revision, I want to make sure these things are taken care of.  Not sure how I will feel and how long I will feel that way. We finally walked back into the house about 7:45 after I had announced that I had more than enough and needed to go home!

Right now I sit in peace..my girls are upstairs watching the new TV, husband is in the backyard mowing the lawn in the dark and I happily sit not moving anything other than my finger as I type on the laptop watching the olympics.  I can hear the girls talking and laughing..I love that.  I am sure it will not stay that way for long but right now it is lovely.

Exhausted after a long but good day!

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