Process and Procedure minus common sense

So after waiting a day and a half for my surgeons scheduler to call to no avail, I called to get this process moving. I have no patience and I need to be able to let my husband know what is going on so he can get help at work.   I also need to arrange something for the kids.

We have a date..August 24.  Nipple reconstruction and revision.  Of course it was not the smoothest of calls.  We start by getting the first available opening, later than I wanted but that is totally out of my control.  Then she proceeds to tell me that I need to schedule a pre-op appointment.  “I was just there on Tuesday” I politely tell her.  “Did you sign your consent and did they perform the physical?” I did not sign the consent but since  he said we were ready to move forward I assume the physical was completed.  “Oh is a form and it is procedure”.  NOW…those who know me, know that I am a policy and procedure kind of gal.  I also do my best not to shoot the messenger. BUT I have little patience for those who can not add simple common sense to the procedure and don’t stop to think for a minute.  She sticks to her guns that I need to make another appointment.  By the way, another important fact to include here would be the fact that I received the first set of doctor bills for the surgery in the mail just a few hours earlier.  Thankfully we have wonderful insurance but as we all know there will still be a large out-of-pocket payout and unnecessary doctor visits are just not needed right now! So not quit as politely I explained  that I had just seen him at 3:45 on Tuesday and that I would not be making another appointment and that I thought one of us should give the actual surgeon a call.  She agrees a bit reluctantly, and says she will try to get him on the phone and call me back. No lie, five minutes later I receive a call saying that I did not need to come for an appointment.  Really…no kidding?  She faxed me the consent form which I signed and sent right back.  I do have to re-do blood work since it is over 30 days but I can understand that.  Maybe that will be our big adventure for tomorrow.

I know I should not get so aggravated but after already having 2 appointments with him since leaving the hospital July 8th, the last of which being 2 days ago how could you say I have to come back. It has been a long road and it is time to come to an end! At least we are moving forward.  The pointy parts are close!

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