Pink Pink everywhere

Every year it spreads a little more, pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness.  But as we are all aware, it is not just ribbons.  It is cleats on professional athletes or bats and gloves.  I went to an office supply store yesterday and felt compelled to buy a pink pen placed on the counter.  My  husband bought a 5 hour energy that was also wrapped in a pretty pink label.  I have some socks with pink ribbons, they sell apparel of all types as well as those plastic bracelets I don’t think there is really anything that has not jumped into the pink arena.  Even the local pet store seems to be “aware”.

I have become a very cynical person in my older age.  I Would just love to believe that all of this money raised in the name of awareness actually went to research for a cure.  Imagine, a future where we would not need to worry about the ever worsening breast cancer statistics, for that matter cancer statistics in general.

CEO’s of these charities making massive six figure salaries, third-party calling centers keeping large percentages of donations for “fees”.

I would love to believe that by the time my girls are old enough I would not need to worry about answer the question that Madison asked a few weeks ago, “Mommy, will Megan and I have to have our boobies operated on when we get older?” I can only hope they will not have to ever know the word mastectomy in theirs lives.

Maybe I am wrong, I pray that I am.  Millions of woman and an increase number of men are counting on it!

2 thoughts on “Pink Pink everywhere”

  1. Oh, I’ve been reading some blogs from women who fight breast cancer and their STRONG feelings AGAINST pink. I think I have a hunch of where you were “compelled” to buy that pen. It makes me ill reading about it and I’m actually wanting to fight too!

    1. It has all just gotten crazy and it is spreading. After the post I looked at FB and people are changing profile pics to ribbons and posting all kinds of pink stuff. I guess the intention is good but in my view, why would anyone who is making money with all of the pink ever want to see a cure? I guess cynical is not even the right word for me these days :-)!

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